Navigating Education and Emotions

This short course for parents and carers includes 5 modules, each with a video and an associated worksheet.

There’s no time limit to do the course and you can revisit and repeat the modules at any time.

A dashboard will be provided for you to track your progress and manage your login details.

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Navigating Education and Emotions - Lesson 01 - Homework

1. Homework

A homework routine is important: but only if it WORKS for your child. In this first module, we will explore how you can set up a great plan for the academic year together with your child and in line with your child’s values.

2. Beliefs

In this module, I take you through what beliefs are and when they start to take shape. We will look at how they start and how they help or hinder your child. Can your child change a hindering belief? Watch and find out.

Navigating Education and Emotions - Lesson 02 - Beliefs
Navigating Education and Emotions - Lesson 03 - Values

3. Values

What are values and why are they so vital for our well-being? I will talk you through how to identify your child’s values and why these are important to know in order to live a balanced life. I will also share tips on how to use these values to turn a less enjoyable task into a more appealing one.

4. Mindfulness

This part focuses on Mindfulness: how does Mindfulness assist us in our daily lives? How can it help in a school environment? You will get some practical tips on simple mindfulness exercises and we will also explore some basic neuroscience to make sense of it all.

Navigating Education and Emotions - Lesson 04 - Mindfulness
Navigating Education and Emotions - Lesson 05 - Resilience

5. Resilience

In this final session, we will define what resilience is and how you can support your child’s development of this and through that, their emotional intelligence. You will also notice how everything else you have explored so far ties in beautifully with the concept “resilience”.

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