Free resources

This is excellent! Andy Hobson’s site offers a mixture of free and paid for courses, but my (and my child’s) personal favourite is the 5 day free “Kids learn to Meditate”-course:

Mr Campbell’s Maths videos! Free tutorial videos from the creator of Snowy top Maths, covering the basics and some other stuff to:

Nrich Maths mastery: A clever selection of mathematical problems which aims towards mastery. Widely used by state and private schools. This is their Primary site, but there are resources for secondary and up too:

Just some really good and down to earth tips on resilience; not JUST for teens. The site also extends to reads on emotions, looking after yourself, depression and anxiety:


Paid resources

I like these as they give you feedback on progress and you have the ability to compare to national levels and/or age levels. They are also very well received by the children due to the clever animations and the gamification aspect.

You can also decide how much of the site you want to access. For my child, I only signed up for Nessy reading and spelling as I wanted to focus on these areas but not for the touch typing part or other areas.


English (especially if your child is dyslexic!):

This site below, is excellent if your child is sitting the 11+ and you want access and guidance on particularly the type of questions that the 11+ presents. Alongside steady tutorial videos and online support it is well thought through by a very experienced teacher and Head of Maths.

They also tend to have special offers on in Sept/Oct:

An entire mindfulness course for Parents and carers, created by the Nationally renowned Mindfulness in schools charity: