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Teaching children can be tough at times but teaching our own children is an entirely different ball game.

This course is designed to help parents and carers navigate their children’s education.

Each part of the course includes a video with a related worksheet for you to work through. If you need any further help or advice, please get in touch.

Make sure you sit yourself down with a nice cup of tea and a notepad in a space that is good for you. You may need to pause and re-watch parts of the videos, if there are bits and pieces you feel you want to write down.

If you want to use the available worksheets, it’s a good idea to print them out first, or download them so that you can see the questions I have created. The module worksheets can also be found with each video.

Pay it forward! Please share your tips with other parents through this platform by contacting me or messaging me on social media! And do feel free to share my tips and techniques with others, if you think it may help! It is my utmost desire that as many families as possible have the opportunity to feel confident and empowered to enjoy and grow throughout their academic journeys together.


About Jenny


Jenny is an experienced teacher and a parent to two children. Being a parent can be tricky, and feeling stressed about your child’s academic development is the last thing you need.

Year after year, Jenny regularly meets parents to children she teaches who feel bewildered and worried about their child’s academic future and well-being. She speaks to friends with school-aged children and hears the same worries being voiced. These worries can affect our children, however hard we try to hide them.

Jenny wants to address these worries, answer the most common questions and provide tips and solutions so that you do not have to use up your energy, trying to figure things out for yourself. She is passionate about pre-empting these worries for you through sharing her experience and is  passionate about providing her pupils with life-long skills alongside the academic ones.

School is not a “closed-door business”, and yet it may feel like that to parents at times.

It’s all here. In one place.

Jenny Wannberg


“Our son was given the progress prize at his school this year. He focused so much better and went up four sub-levels in Maths and English. We couldn’t believe it! I can’t thank you enough.”

Tracy – Parent

“I just wanted to say a very big thank you and to share with you the difference we have seen in our son: He is really thinking about his life and what he enjoys and conversely doesn’t! He now approaches homework in a much more mature fashion.”

Thomas – Parent

“I have now created a well-being curriculum for our school. Your workshop was so accessible, straight forward and prompted us to really dig deep. I promise to ‘pay it forward’. Thank you.”


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